On my part I think in and react to sceneries, which sometimes gives you an overwhelming amount of parallel “happenings” that are filling up your inner space.

Perhaps that’s why, I always preferred to encounter nature the way it is and rarely felt the urge to alter something. The good part of this is, that giving yourself and your surrounding time to adapt to each other opens the possibility to experience diversity in a singular event.

In countless situations, taking my time would make me see, hear, taste, smell and feel things differently. This got me intrigued with perception and what we make of it. Therefore perception and how different aspects of it influence our thinking, will be a recurring theme you’ll find on my pages.

I could not enjoy life without nature and its beautiful creatures. Not suprising, topics relating to her are another key element.

One last thing, I like to play – not to win a game but just for the fun of it. Following this Pachamanu is a wordplay and the nickname I got on one of my journeys and still appreciate.

One aspect of its origin is “Pachamama”, a belief in Mother Earth and the basic principle of reciprocity that is practiced by people in the Andes. The other aspect orginates from the german word “patschert”. This stands for my sometimes bearish behavior,  due to which I often “spill” liquids giving the earth its regular share. Lastly,  it’s the short form of my name and this all comes together to the page’s label.

So to begin with, I believe that being able to alter ones “view” and refraining from the cultural fog we carry, boosts understanding… and maybe some of it happens here.

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