Ride on the borderline III

Approaching... The evening before had chilled me to my bones and to go deeper into the Delta just didn’t feel right for the moment. So again, I got myself on a bus and hours later, the sight of the Sierra de Cordoba would mark the beginning of the next chapter of my journey. When I... Continue Reading →

Ride on the borderline II

First steps... Right after I landed, I got a first promising glimpse on horses just aside the road. Soon after, I was overtaken by the rhythm of the capital and the process of adaption.  I had arrived in time for a public holiday for the porteños, and atypically for Buenos Aires, the centre was near... Continue Reading →

Ride on the borderline I

Coming alive... I could no longer remember my last ride. How long had it been… ten, fifteen years. The horseback had been my second home during my whole youth, but after an accident I wasn’t able to find my way back. Therefore, right at the appropriate age to start a grown up’s life, I buried... Continue Reading →

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