Ride on the borderline III


The evening before had chilled me to my bones and to go deeper into the Delta just didn’t feel right for the moment. So again, I got myself on a bus and hours later, the sight of the Sierra de Cordoba would mark the beginning of the next chapter of my journey.

When I arrived in Cordoba, nothing was sure but that these were to be my last city days and that it was high time to leave behind some old topics, slowing me down the further I came.
Lucky enough, I was about to find the perfect places and people for my intermediate state, right here in this city. I wondered around the old streets, relaxed in its green spaces, enjoyed the artwork you would find around every corner and absorbed the energy at the markets. For the evenings, I skipped the partylife and enthroned hours on a balcony in best company.

The leisure hours  were filled with joined cooking, good music and colorful talks about logic, vivid dreams, pages of laughter, the instead of the mind, pissing clouds and the little princess, no one had read about since the little prince reigned literature. 

Besides, I learned about the beauty of asymmetry, changing states, freezing and dancing, landscapes that lay in front of me and being like a flowing river washing stones.

Harmonious as the days were, the solitude of the mountains wouldn’t stop calling me. The only way to silence it, was to follow it out of the city. 

Heading Northwest I drove by the highly frequented tourist places and wouldn’t stop until I reached the first peak up the valley.

Gaucho horse next to tree

When I got off the bus, there was nobody on the plaza but a Gaucho’s horse parked next to a tree. I walked on to  a Hosteria and with the fresh air  filling my lungs, I decided to take quite some steps further up to inhale the panorama.

Just in time for a sunset that made the sky burn, I settled myself at the feet of a big “Christo”. When night overtook, a smiling moon would find me smiling back in best mood.

The feeling that had touched me that moment, longed for more space and so I travelled on to the Uritorco, where I got a hint of the energy dominating the area. Not having met any aliens, but sure to be back for some time in the hippie village nearby, I left Cordoba to encounter the remoteness of Chilecito. There, the thoughtfulness of its inhabitants warmed against the snowy mountains, abandoned mining industry and the military control’s coolness.

Since I had taken my first steps in “the new world”, I’d let myself be carried on from one to another, places as well as people, and although travelling began to take its tall, I couldn’t stop. It was said that way up north there should be valleys untouched by the chilly weather and so I took this direction.

Waiting with my ticket out of here, I had a chat with a woman and her son about their everyday problems up here. Nothing special for others, for me it was the first small talk I had managed, without a second thought about the language. It was not until then that I realized, I’d already come further then I would have thought.


The final part of this trip led me over Tafi de Valle through the differing vegetation stages and on over golden mountain plateaus. Standing high up overlooking the horizon, I finally felt like there was enough space for me. Looking at this beautiful scenery I emptied my mind, took a deep breath and freed my heart.

When I reached the valley, the energy that had driven me on was gone and replaced by a calm and reassured slow mode that would make me prolong my stay.

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